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Besides Horseback Safaris Princess Trails also offers various other activities and programs. Our farm is situated just 8 km outside Udaipur, ideal for short and day programs. Comfortable Swiss Tents provide a peaceful and serene overnight accommodation.

We offer:

Horse Riding VacationRiding Holidays:
Combining the pleasure of extended ride through the countryside of the lower Aravalli Mountains around Udaipur and the cultural experience of a former royal city, our riding holidays are a perfect blend for all riders, learners and families. Staying overnight in comfortable Swiss Tents on our farm or in a hotel in Udaipur and come out for rides, lessons or other activities besides doing a sightseeing program of Udaipur and its surroundings. Transportation and guidance will be provided so the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy! For rates and programs please contact us.

Horseback RidesHorseback Rides:
No time for an extended safari or riding program? No problem, you can join us for a short or day ride. We offer a number of enjoyable trails through the Udaipur hind land offering serene landscapes, tribal villages, hills and lakes. Leave the hustle and bustle of Indian cities behind you and enjoy the peaceful Indian countryside on horseback. We offer all kinds of short and day rides besides riding lessons for children and beginner. Our horse rides are suitable for all levels of riding experience.

Princess Trails organizes horseback rides of various lengths through the surrounding countryside of Udaipur on Marwari horses.

2-hour rides

Our 2-hour rides are pleasant short rides going through farmland and smaller villages, along fields and through palm groves. The riders can visit beautiful Lotus Lake which is situated like a serene oasis inside the hills. Here a short break is made before returning to our farm.

Half-day ride

A Half-day ride will bring our guests into the beautiful surroundings of the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains around Udaipur. On horseback you will cross some farmland and ride through a couple of small villages before entering a wilder region around Lotus Lake . Following dried up riverbeds and riding through the hills and dales of the Aravallis you can enjoy the natural beauty of this region, spot countless birds and enjoy the peaceful and quite surroundings.

At Lotus Lake you will make a short break before returning to our farm.


Our Day-rides go along off-the-beaten tracks into the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains which is tribal territory of the Bhil tribe. The trail leads through a stretch of lonely countryside covered with light forest and Savannah. Occasionally it crosses smaller tribal villages which are situated in the hills, far away from towns and cities. Most of the time the horses follow goat paths through the hills or occasionally a dried up river bed through the wilderness of the Aravallis.
From the mountain ridges unspoiled views can be enjoyed and in the trees and bushes many birds and smaller mammals can be spotted.
Lunch break is held on a small plateau in the hills overlooking a tribal village with its fields and palm groves.
On the way back a small hill temple is passed and another shorter break is taken at Lotus Lake, one of the many attractive lakes of this area.

Kindly notice, Princess Trails provide for all rides transportation from and to your hotel, an experienced guide, mineral water and provisions according to the length of the trail.

Elephant ride Elephant ride:
Elephants were the traditional ceremonial mounts of the Maharajas and princes of India. All of them had their own stable of pachyderms and of course matching saddlery and jewelry so their appearance would be even more dazzling.
Today the decedents of these royal elephants still live in Udaipur and carry lodas as well as guests around the city.
Princess Trails can organize rides at the lake shores in Udaipur or in the surrounding countryside going along country roads.
They can be made either simple or in an exclusive parade style with a company of horses and lance men in traditional dresses.

Jeep SafariJeep Safari:
The guest will drive in an open jeep through different villages and hamlets and different type of countryside. They will be able to get a good impression of rural India and the beauty of the nature in the Aravalli Mountains surrounding Udaipur
A special Jeep Safari takes place inside Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary. This program can be half or full day and includes a drive through the Sanctuary with the chance of spotting wildlife and a boat ride on Lake Jaisamand in order to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Jeep safaris through rural RajasthanVillage Safaris:
The real heart of India is beating in her villages. Most travelers to India just rush from one city to the next omitting the incredible experience of rural India. We offer Jeep safaris through rural Rajasthan, where you can discover the typical tribal villages of the Udaipur region. Together with an experienced English-speaking guide you can find out about the life and daily living of the village folks. This is an off-the-beaten track experience for everybody interested in Indian culture.

Bullock Cart RidesBullock Cart Rides:
Experience first-hand an age-old Indian means of transportation. This is something defiantly out of the ordinary and you will be hard-pressed to find it somewhere else. Since we try to make it as comfortable as possible for you, it is a very relaxing and peaceful way of seeing India.

Camel Cart RidesCamel Cart Rides:
Did you know that Southern Rajasthan has its own breed of Camels? The Mewari camel is smaller than its cousin from the Thar Desert and it is able to navigate through the hilly till mountainous countryside around here. Till today the tribal people use camels to carry loads and draw carts. We also organize Camel rides and Camel cart rides around Udaipur, on Mewari Camels of course.

Horse Riding RajasthanNature Hikes:
Discover the lower hills of the Aravalli Mountains on foot! We have experienced guides who will take you through the hills and dales surrounding Udaipur. On the hikes you can learn about the flora and fauna and of course also a lot about the local village life. Southern Rajasthan is a hot spot for bird life with more than 250 types of different birds. On foot you will be able to spot quite a few of them ranging from the tiny sunbirds to the majestic peacocks.

Royal Carriage RideRoyal Carriage Ride:
Have you ever wanted to feel like royalty? Here is your ultimate chance. Take a ride with our antique 200-year-old horse-drawn buggy or gig around Udaipur. With the driver and attendant traditionally dressed up, you will surely draw attention.

If you have anything else in mind, which you would like to do, please do not hesitate to ask us. We would be most happy to help you with your further traveling through Rajasthan. For further information and prices please contact us.

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