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  Victor Kee Date : July 04, 2012
Name : Victor Kee
Country : UK
Comment :
Hello Ute and Virendra.

I waited a week or so before writing, to allow everything to sink in.
I know you have another group, so I waited until it has ended.
I thought it was a great trip, we all really enjoyed it.
I can’t think of anything to complain about.

I loved all of it.
The sightseeing.
The horses.
The camp.
The food.
The toilet and shower.
The riding.
The whole experience.

Christina’s horse was perfect for her.
Annettes horse was perfect for her, and Els, the photographer.

The Germans were impatient at times.
I love surprises, and I wouldn’t change anything at the camp.
The camps were brilliant.
Riding into the camp each day was fantastic.

We loved riding through the villages and the welcome from the children, and stopping for tea.

The excursions and sightseeing on the ride were very good, and well balanced.

I loved the fire each night at camp.
You can’t have a camp without a fire.
I do understand though how expensive and precious wood is.

One evening after the ride I got a few people to ride bareback in the lake, and it was great fun, and some very good photos.

So, that’s my report. Honest and fair.
I usually find lots of faults, but really, I cannot find fault.

Well done, to all of you, and thank you very much.

I encourage you, and I will certainly recommend you.

Victor (UK), February 2012


  Ben Townsend Date : July 04, 2012
Name : Ben Townsend
Country : UK
Comment :
Not so much Princess Trails as Maharaja Trails! Thanks for a wonderful few days with your horses!

Ben (UK), September 2011


  Iris Feldhausz Date : July 04, 2012
Name : Iris Feldhausz
Country : Germany
Comment :

Dear Ute, Dear Viru! I had an excellent time; exploring India on the back of Moomal was fantastic! I learned so much about the Indian countryside, animals, people and horses and you really are wonderful hosts. I hope that Barbara and me will make it to next year’s Pushkar trail! Best trail ever!

Iris (Germany), October 2011


  Ticky Fletcher Date : July 04, 2012
Name : Ticky Fletcher
Country : UK
Comment :
Thank you for 5 wonderful days. A great experience of rural India. The horses were excellent and very comfortable. We shall never forget this trip.

Ticky & Lois (UK), February 2012


  Jacques Date : August 25, 2011
Name : Jacques
Country : Switzerland
Comment :
Dear Virendra, Dear Madame,

I thank you very much for the opportunity to ride in the near of Udaipur. Now I can better know your country with its very dry landscape and understand the water problems. I could also observe how are the farmers living. Of course to ride a Marwari horse was a new experience, especially with only a hackmore. I will recommand your rides.
I also thank you for your invitation to take tea at your home and particullary for the book you gave me concerning the Shaktawats Of Boheda. This book informs about the history of Rajasthan.
We return home without problems (we escape strikes at the airports). We hope, that all is OK with your actuel trail and wish you much success with your activity.
I will send you some pictures from my rides, when avaible.

Jacques and Christiane (Switzerland), March 2008


  Dale Date : August 25, 2011
Name : Dale
Country : USA
Comment :
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shaktawat;

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful experience I
had on my recent ride to the Pushkar Camel Fair. Your facilities were
outstanding, you served excellent food and you staff was attentive to my every
need. I was particularly impressed with your guide who made sure that we were
safe at all times and set a pace commensurate with our riding skills. What can
I say about your horses except, after years of taking riding safaris, your
horses were the best I have ever had the pleasure to ride. The care and
attention that you obviously give to your horses is evident.

As you know, I throughly researched the other Indian safari providers
before selecting your company. What I discovered is that many or most of them
pick up the number of horses that they need for a given safari from whatever
sources are available. Under these circumstances, it is impossible for them to
tell what types of horses they are giving to their clients. Your company, on
the other hand only uses your own horses allowing you to properly match the horse
and rider. This was one of the major reason for my selecting your company and
it turned out to be a good one.

Lastly, I want to thank Mr. Shaktawat taking me to the two stores for the
painting and statues that I purchased. Not only were the merchandise of high
quality at a reasonable price, all of them arrived here in excellent conditions
thanks to the marvelous packing job done by the stores.

Please let keep me in mind for your September rides. If I can work it out
with my schedule, I will surely be back for another ride in the Fall.


Dale (USA), Pushkar-Safari 2007


  Annette und Oliver Date : August 25, 2011
Name : Annette und Oliver
Country : Germany
Comment :
Many thanks for the great time, special services, we enjoyed it very much !!!

Annette & Oliver, Sep.2007


  Andrea Date : August 25, 2011
Name : Andrea
Country : USA
Comment :
Wonderful trip! Great horses and food, wonderful countryside and everything very well organized!

Andrea USA), October 2010


  Christie Date : August 25, 2011
Name : Christie
Country : Qatar
Comment :
Thanks for your beautiful horses, amazing hospitality and fantastic scenery. Amar Singh was a fantastic guide and we felt extremely safe and very well looked after throughout the safari.
With love, Christie

Christie (Qatar), April 2011


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