About 8 km outside Udaipur, our farm is an oasis of peace and tranquility far removed from the hustle bustle of the city yet within easy reach of it.

Bought as a piece of wilderness we have tamed it over the years and created a place for our horses, guests and ourselves to live, relax and enjoy nature. The largest part of it is pasture which partly fills with water during the monsoon to form a natural lake attracting many different birds including peacocks, kingfisher, teals, ibis and others.

Our kitchen and utility rooms create the centre of the farm and partition it into a garden and the stable area. Inside our garden we have sitting places, a Hollywood swing and on the far sides our Swiss Tents where our riders and guests can stay overnight.

On the other side we have paddocks and shades for the horses where they are fed and spend the night.

The other inhabitants of our farm are Robin and Hope, two very friendly Labrador dogs, father and son. They love to be with people but are also good watch dogs, keeping wild animals and unfriendly intruders efficiently away.

In order to supply fresh milk every day we have our Gir cow Clara who grazes alongside our horses during the day. Currently we are looking for another cow to keep her company and supply milk all year round.

A little family of chicken forms the rest of the family. They are typical Indian jungle fowls, preferring to sleep in the trees during the night. They lay their eggs everywhere soft and cozy, so sometimes we feel like Easter egg hunting every day.

Over the years we managed to grow a lot of new trees and bushes on our farm to keep it green and shady. Not all our trees are fully grown yet but already we have crafted our own piece of paradise in the often rather dry surroundings of the lower Aravallis.

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Virendra Singh Shaktawat

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